Coca Cola

Hey Guys, I  know it has been a while and this post has been a long time coming.

I shot this last year while I was at the Film is Fun workshop hosted By Mutua Matheka and Steve Kitoto of Kitots Photography down in Elementaita. I was armed with my Canon 600D and a 100mm f.2.8 (macro) lens, I was drinking a coke and decided why not shoot an ad for it since I’m an ardent fan of coke despite what people say about the health implications. As usual I was with my right hand man Nyingez who was the camera operator as I directed and did the focus pulling.

This were the results, its taken me a couple of months to post process this due to many factors I wanted the right music and I’ve been kinda too busy editing stuff(Weddings, TV shows, Music videos, short films and several documentaries…..did I mention weddings anyway ummmmm yeah!!). I did the edit and my good friend John Jon from Flow Designs helped me in the score sound effects and end graphics for the ad.

Have a look and give me feedback guys.


Happy New Year

Hey Folks, Happy New Year(ok! it’s already mid-month). I had quiet a holiday, didn’t travel to the coast as most Nairobians do but had lots of fun. As the year starts I have a lot that I’m planning to do, but this graphic from my friend Mutua Matheka has really been one of my main motivations.

I want to put Kenya on the map this year.

2012 :: Year of Kenyan Photography

HDR Panorama Experiment

Hey guys, Its been a while, Thanks for visiting my corner of the world wide web. For a while I’ve wanted to do good panoramas and not with a point-and-shoot camera. I recently went to Eldoret on a work related mission. I decided to experiment with panoramas but since it was night I thought I should incorporate HDR photography as opposed to just doing long exposures.

This was my result after stitching several different HDR Images.

Click image to enlarge

Promo videos

Sometime back a pal, @awinyopiny (see her blog here) proposed a challenge to afew of us, I took it up and I’m happy  to see the results. She was to help a pal of her’s shoot a promotional video for herself. My role was to put the video together and make something presentable, the only problem was I am in Kenya and they are in NewYork. They shot the video and sent the clips to me, I took a while and this is what I came up with. Special thanks to @skubi for helping out with the graphics.

She won the pageant bytheway;