5 Loaves & 2 fish

ImageThe Picture above was taken using a Sony Ericsson P1i on a Sunny morning in Malindi. I had just started getting facinated with photography and the only tool I had then was the P1i. It had a 3.2 megapixel camera nothing to write home about but I made the most of it. This and my first camera phone the Sony Ericsson W810i taught me the fundamentals of photography, which I am now applying in Cinematography.

In short what I am saying is the camera(or equipment) does not make the image(s) it only enhances, but the man behind the lens is the defining factor. My challenge to you today is, What do you have in your hands?? What are your 5 loaves and 2 fish?? Use what you have in hand and grow from there, Rome wasn’t built in a day. People will discourage you, put you down but as long as you have the conviction, the passion that drives you, practice and be good at what you do. Someone told me the other day that it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to be called a ‘Guru’ at it.

This post is dedicated to all the people who’ve encouraged me, constructively criticized my work, walked with me, gave me opportunities that would have otherwise been given to others and generally those who believed in my dream. To God for giving me creative talent, to Hermann N. Mwadime for encouraging me, mentoring and discipling me, to my Parents, My collegues Skah, Kitots, Nasara, to Skubi, to Kakunza, to Muts(remember the days of Daily shoot??) to all my friends, to all who follow my work and this journey that I’m on. Following your passion is not easy but its satisfying.

Cheers and God Bless!!


My Journey

I’ve been working on this for quiet a while now. Joseph Omondi is a good friend of mine, we’ve known each other for a few years. I had a privilege to know him even before he gave his life to Christ, when he was an upcoming artist in Ogopa DJs.

Some time last year Omosh(as we call him) approached me and told me that he had an idea of making a documentary of his journey and where he has come from. Most of the material he had because there had been a previous documentary that had been done on musicians in East Africa. Here’s the link to the documentary, they called it Curtain Raising .
From that we had a basis and story for the documentary we wanted to do, this is a trailer of the upcoming DVD that we’ve done. I’ll keep you guys posted when they are ready.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Caught UP

Welll, well, I’ve been up to alot, and this is a project that is currently underway. As I said in earlier posts this year there are lots of projects that I’m planning to do. This is a trailer of one of the many projects I want to do this year.

Last year I had the opportunity to work with a team of talented people on a this project,
Twice Bitten.

It was a great experience and I loved it. We decided to keep doing more and more projects together. Finally this year after alot of planning we’ve shot yet another Short Film, this time we were able to work with the very talented cast of Better Pill Productions. Here’s the trailer, movie will be out soon. watch this space.

Special thanks to Life Ministry Kenya and International Christian Centre for assisting and making this project possible.

Faith & Skubi Nuptials

Hey! The year has started with lots of things to be done, I was privileged to cover a close friend’s wedding towards the end of last year. I’ve known Skubi for a while now, we’ve done several projects together and I’ve learn’t alot from him. The love story between Faith and Skubi is quiet interesting but I’ll not dive into that I’ll let the video speak for itself.

I’m sure some of you have probably seen this already, the wedding pics were done by Mutua Matheka. It was wonderful working along side him and Mwarv on this day.


Happy New Year

Hey Folks, Happy New Year(ok! it’s already mid-month). I had quiet a holiday, didn’t travel to the coast as most Nairobians do but had lots of fun. As the year starts I have a lot that I’m planning to do, but this graphic from my friend Mutua Matheka has really been one of my main motivations.

I want to put Kenya on the map this year.

2012 :: Year of Kenyan Photography

Meet Emily

Hey, I know its been a while since I put something up here, well it was about time I put some video or pics that I’d taken.
Ladies and Gents I introduce Emily aka Millie, I’ve known her for a while now (well we are kinda related) and she’s been pestering rather strongly urging me to do a photoshoot for her, but I’ve been shying away because I’ve always feared that i wouldn’t meet her expectations. Anyway last weekend we were attending a certan family function and I had the privilege of letting Millie grace the lens.

Here are the results. I must add that she was a natural and the shoot took less than 15 min.

So Amazing – MC Dice

Hi guys,

A while back We(Jemedari Media and Mined Frame) shot a video for MC Dice. The story was quite simple we did it in a span of 3 days and used locations in non other than our city Nairobi. Have a look and let me know what you think. The video was directed by Sammy ‘Xammyceleb’ Kitoto and the cast was of the Frontrunnerz Drama Team.

Comments are highly accepted.

Faces :: Randomized

So today i decided to put up pictures I’ve been taking of some of my pals. I’ve had them for a while now, been having a fear of showing the world some of the pictures I take of people. I still feel I could push it abit more. These are just but afew.






Diana & Berytah


Skah a.k.a Mr. HD

Thanks for viewing, your opinions are highly appreciated.


HDR Panorama Experiment

Hey guys, Its been a while, Thanks for visiting my corner of the world wide web. For a while I’ve wanted to do good panoramas and not with a point-and-shoot camera. I recently went to Eldoret on a work related mission. I decided to experiment with panoramas but since it was night I thought I should incorporate HDR photography as opposed to just doing long exposures.

This was my result after stitching several different HDR Images.

Click image to enlarge